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White Smoke breaks the international boundary with their song “Both Sides of This Wall ”!  Paul Stoutenberg’s show “MuziekPlus” will feature a cut from White Smoke’s CD “Proper Introductions” on Thursday November 17 at 7pm Netherland time.

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Local TV station, SCVTV, features White Smoke on their show House Blends hosted by Stephen K. Peeples

If a music enthusiast ventures to Vincenzo's on Lyons Avenue in Newhall on a casual Sunday night, expecting to see three washed-up artists belting chords in mid-life crisis, they would be wrong. Mid-life Crisis was the band BJ Saidi (keyboard) and wife Venita (vocals) met in five years ago. For the past year and a half the couple has performed, along with bassist Russ Stacey, as Meridian. They play at Vincenzo's every other month. Meridian covers classical rock songs from the '70s, '80s and early '90s.

But don't hastily label Meridian as a classic rock band. "If you put us in the classic rock category and you come out to see us and we don't have a drummer or guitarist you might be disappointed," BJ said. BJ produces the rhythms and rifts of the drums and guitar on his keyboard, to play later. "Since we don't have drums or a guitar we can play at small, sensitive venues at a controlled volume with the produced guitar and drum sounds.

"The style of music we play is more to enjoy with a drink and lounge. We a have some dance songs as well," BJ said.
Their music is intended for the older audience that can remember the songs. "But I see little kids dancing around, mouthing the words and I don't know how they know them," Venita said.

Their goal is to get as close to the original song as possible when performing. They also want to step away from the performing aspect of their music. "Our main goal is to sell our original music to other artists, not perform it so much, although we do love performing," Venita said. BJ and Venita released their first CD of original music as the band White Smoke on June 26 at Vincenzo's.

But the music means more to these "old-school" people determined to continue their dream. "It's healing. We've been through a lot in our lives. I lost my son. It's important to do your bucket list. "My son died four years ago and I became so aware of how short life is and how precious it is and if there is anything you're afraid of just take a chance and do it," Venita said. "I'm the vehicle for her to take that chance," BJ said.

When the two met in the band Mid-life Crisis, B.J. decided to shift back to his childhood dream he gave up when he was 25. BJ was raised by a mother who taught classical piano and Venita has been involved in music all of her life. "I have always had a piano in my house. I probably wrote my first song when I was 11 or 12," BJ said. These talented, humble musicians love to play. "The music speaks for itself. Venita has a great voice and Russ is a very talented bass player," said BJ Venita admits that she is out of her comfort zone, but believes people of all ages should eagerly follow their dreams. "People get along in life and think that they can never do what they wanted. It doesn't matter at what level you're doing it, you're still doing it," said Venita. Meridian also plays at private parties, charity events and has talked to George's Bistro about performing at that venue. Visit the band's website at www.meridian-whitesmoke.com.


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