Samples of our Work!


Examples of our work can be seen in these clips taken from some beautiful underwater images. The music created here truly compliments the feeling you see on the screen.

All demos shown below are for example purposes only. All copyrights are reserved respectively.

In this example we took Universal’s movie trailer montage and created our own music to fit the dynamics of this quick editing sequence.

Do you need music for your “still” presentation? We can put your images in the order you want and provide appropriate music to fit the project.

For those bigger projects, we can provide a full soundtrack to your film from a simple synthesized soundtrack or to a full orchestral sound in various styles from action, drama, romance, suspense and even westerns.

No job is too small! Parents wanting to have fun with their home movies can step it up a notch. Give us some of your footage and we will create a fun video of your children or grandchildren.

Here’s another demo of our music put to some scenes taken from the movie “The Book of Eli”.

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Whatever your project is we can help you with it! Small or big, public or private, at home or at work, personal business or corporate enterprises, let us create for you! Even if you just have a question, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working on your project!

Something more of a classical composition, here’s our music put to some clips taken from the movie  “Koyannisqatsi”.

This “suspense” themed music is put to some clips from several popular movies, and special sizing was used to change the original aspect ratio.

Here’s some more of our music put to action sequences from the movie “Die Another Day”

Need music for your Corporate projects? We can provide a custom soundtrack for you as shown here!

This is a trailer for the book, “Mixed Nuts”, written by author Venita Louise. The video was put together by web designer Patty Foltz, and we provided a custom soundtrack!

Here’s another trailer for the book, “Dead on the Money, written by author Venita Louise. Everything was put together by Venita Louise and BJ.

This is a promo video done for artist “Bmode”. His single “iDream” is off the newly released CD which is now available on iTunes!

Another sample of our music put to NASA’s ISS filming of the earth!

The Bahallum Bros. production company was founded in the mid 1990’s by Bruce and BJ. Since then, they have helped many people with all kinds of projects. Established with ASCAP since the mid 90s, BJ has had  published work used on NBCs daytime soap opera “Santa Barbara”.

Their combined experience from working in
the entertainment industry ranges from audio recording, mixing & engineering, positions at different record labels, home theater design, post production in Telecine, video editing, audio syncing, original music compositions for commercials, TV themes, book & movie trailers and assembling material for other artists, singers and performers.

We have recently hired Venita Louise to our staff. Writer, singer, artist and composer, she is an established and published author. “Dead on the Money”, “Initials for Murder”, “In Mysterious Ways” and “In the Rough” are her collection of printed books along with, my favorite, “Mixed Nuts”. It’s a witty and clever comedy that would make a great movie.

We are great at taking your project to the next level. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to improve on something, we help you get there. Professional quality work with a professional attitude! Our combined experience is our company’s greatest asset and it’s at your disposal.

We won’t waste your time or ours. If we are unable to do a job requested, we will tell you right away! Each individual job is priced on certain variables, and time is the biggest one of those. Other factors are the level of output quality desired, equipment required to complete the task and a few others.

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Mixed Nuts Trailer

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Dead On the Money

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Venita Louise


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Scotti Bros.

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Scotti Bros.

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Street Life

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Bahallum Bros.

Bahallum Bros.

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Vinspire Publishing


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Dream Date Score

Santa Barbara

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Power Rangers

Veronica’s Closet

Suddenly Susan








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Warner Bros.



Would you like to hear more? Click on the tracks below to listen to different styles and themes!